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Karin Sawetz

Karin Sawetz is journalist, media researcher and fashion scientist (Mag. Dr. phil.). Since the 1990ies, she is publishing scientific studies about fashion and media (education, industry, online publishing). In 1995, Karin Sawetz co-founded Fashionoffice. In the last years, she has focused her work on as an international magazine for intercultural approaches in fashion, art and the research on storage and content delivery in computer-networks.

Karin Sawetz finished her studies at the Institute for Journalism and Communication Sciences, the Institute for Theatre-, Film- and Media-Sciences, the Institute for Philosophy at the University of Vienna, and the Institute for Artistic Sciences, Art Education and Communication/Department for Cultural and Intellectual History at the University of Applied Arts, before she worked as Univ.-Lektor at the University of Vienna (Insititute for Journalism and Communication Science, 'Online Market Research') and lectured full-length courses at the Vienna Chamber of Commerce ('New Media Marketing' and 'Content Management').

Alongside to her scientific education, she is trained for the fashion and clothing industry at the higher-level secondary college Herbststrasse Wien (diploma in fashion/clothing technology). In 1990, she received the first prize for her design of the male work trousers for the OMV filling stations (OMV is Central Europe's leading oil and gas group). The trousers were produced by Austrian manufacturers.

Before and while studying, she was designer for her own label, worked as costume designer for theatre and film, and was civil servant (subject specialist) for the Fashion & Textile Industry at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economics.

Research on computer-networks
Fashionoffice researches on storage and content delivery in computer-networks.

2017: Comparing traffic data measured via LogFiles,, Google Analytics and how the impression of the geographical distribution of Fashionoffice changes.

2014: Content performance Blogger vs. Google Analytics

Example: Relevance of Content
Content has not so much relevance like the domain where it is published and the used measurement system.
Example: Views/Clicks relation
Fashionoffice's Fashion Feeds: 5,631 views and 50,913 clicks back in one month.
Example: Clickrates
28,040 Clicks on advertising produced by 6,922 People

Example: Popularity booms
Each month and week, Fashionoffice reviews popularity booms on its domains. After extraordinary popularity booms in 2009 on Fashionoffice, the measurement methods were extended by Quantcast tags which track people, visits, views...

Example: Art Ranking
One of the most interesting results of research by Fashionoffice during the last years concerns the interplay between country domains and keywords/phrases.


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